Customize Vendors

The built-in icons vendors may not meet your needs, don't worry, you can absolutely create your own icons vendors.


Icons are saved in /assets/icons/{vendor}/{name} form, where the {vendor}, {name} represent the vendor name and icon name respectively.

Site Scoped SVG Icons

The simplest way to add and use custom icons is to save the icons to the corresponding folder. Let’s take /assset/icons/custom/example.svg as an example, the vendor name will be custom, and the icon name is example, then you’re able to use it via templates and shortcodes.

Shared SVG Icons

If you want to reuse the icons across multiple sites, you’ll need to create a module.

Create And Clone Repository

Firstly, create an repository and clone it to local, take as an example.

1git clone
2cd hugo-icons

Initialize Module

The module path is typically the repository URL that without protocol.

1hugo mod init

Add Icons

Then save your icons to /assets/icons folder with a proper vendor name.

Commit Changes And Push to Remote

1git add -A
2git commit -m 'add icons'
3git push origin main

Import Newer Icons Vendor Into Sites

Now you should able to import the custom icons vendor into your site.